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Glasgow & West Coast Service Committees

Any N.A member’s participation is welcomed, encouraged and needed.​
Please come along if you are interested in getting involved within our service structure. 

Committee Meeting Details

Area Service Committee 

14:00: First Sunday of each month

30 Bell Street



G1 1LG

Public Information

19:00: Last Tuesday of each month 

1st Floor

14 North Claremont Street


G3 7LE

Hospitals & Institutions

19:00: Last Monday of each month


Possilpark Parish Church

Saracen St



G22 5AP

Fellowship Development

18:30 - 19:30: Monday 18th December


William Hunter House

70 Oxford Street


G5 9EP

What is Fellowship Development?

Glasgow Area Convention Committee



18:00: Tuesday 5th December

Possilpark Parish Church

Saracen Street

G22 5AP

What is an Area Service Committee?

An Area Service Committee (ASC) is a service body that meets the needs of the groups in an area. The sub-committees offer specialised services that in one way or another help the groups. 

The ASC exists to serve:

First and foremost, the still-suffering addict.

The N.A. groups in the area.

The area subcommittees; including Public Information, Hospitals and Institutions, Fellowship Development, Literature, and the N.A. Fellowship as a whole.

Area service can take many forms.


These are just some of the types of trusted service positions that contribute to the ASC:

A Group Service Representative (GSR) and Alternate (GSRA) of a home group in the area.

Subcommittee chairs or vice chairs.

A member holding an area level service position such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or Secretary.


Public Information, Hospitals & Institutions, Fellowship Development and our Convention Committee.

Public Information (PI)

We bring information about Narcotics Anonymous to the public in the form of our phoneline, website, presence at conventions, events and in meetings with other Area subcommittees, organisations and institutions to clarify our role and how we can, together, effectively bring the NA message of recovery to all.

Phone Line

Glasgow & West Coast Area has a 24 hr phone line in  operation and has done so for the last 16yrs.

We have a dedicated group of trusted members who answer calls, providing meeting information and support for newcomers to attend their first meeting if required.

The Phone line serves the Groups to help them more effectively fulfill our primary purpose of carrying the message to the addict who still suffers.

Hospital & Institutions (H&I)

The purpose of Hospital & Institutions Sub-committees is to further the primary purpose of the Fellowship of NA carrying the message of recovery to addicts who do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Fellowship Development (FD)

Fellowship Development's purpose is to support unity and growth in our local area amongst  our groups members and service bodies.

Convention Committee

Conventions are held by members of Narcotics Anonymous to bring our fellowship together in a celebration of recovery and encouraging unity among our members, along with carrying the message of Narcotics Anonymous.  We do recover !  

Service Literature

What is consensus-based decision making (CBDM)?

CBDM Basics.png

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