Glasgow & West Coast Service Positions

Glasgow & the West Coast  next Area Committee will be held on

Sunday 6th December at 14:00

We would encourage any GSR's to attend as Area is unable to function without you in attendance.

This meeting is being held to elect our trusted servants for the positions of:


Area Chair - 3 yrs 

Vice Chair - 2 yrs

Treasurer - 3 yrs   

Alt Treasurer - 2 yrs

Secretary - 18 Month 

Alt Secretary - 1 yr

Literature - 3 yrs 

Alt Literature - 2yrs

Regional Committee Member (RCM) - 3 yrs

Alt RCM - 2 yrs

Hospitals & Institutions Chair - 2 yrs

Fellowship Development Chair - 2 yrs

Convention Chair - 2 yrs

Tea & Vice Tea person - No clean time requirement

Details of positions can be found on November ASC minutes 

Please come along if you are interested in getting involved within our service structure 

What is an Area Service Committee?

An Area Service Committee (ASC) is a service body that meets the needs of the groups in an area. It is comprised of Group Service Representatives (GSRs), an executive committee (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and their alternates), and sub-committee chairs. The sub-committees offer specialized services that in one way or another help the groups. 


Public Information, Hospitals & Institutions, Fellowship Development and Convention Committee

The purpose of Public Information and Hospital & Institutions Sub-committees is to further the primary purpose of the Fellowship of NA by providing the public, clear and accurate information about NA & carrying the message of recovery to addicts who do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Fellowship Development's aim is to help Groups and committees within the area best carry our message. They are open to enquiry about service development, using their collective experience. Conventions are held by members of Narcotics Anonymous to bring our fellowship together in a celebration of recovery and encouraging unity among our members, along with carrying the message of Narcotics Anonymous.  We do recover !  

Please come along and get involved. 

Area positions available


Area Chair

Vice Chair



Regional Committee Member  


Public Information positions available


Vice Chair (2 years)                                                  Treasurer (2 years)                                                 

Secretary (2 years)                                                 

Outreach Co-ordinator (3 years)                            

WTF Co-ordinator (2 years)                                   

12 Step Co-ordinator (3 years)                               

Presentations Co-ordinator (3 years)                     

Literature Co-ordinator (2 years)                            

Poster Person (2 years)                                 

Hospitals & Institutions positions available



218 Project Co-pilot (6 month)
Turnaround Coordinator (1 year)

Turnaround Co-pilot (6 month)
Kershaw Co-pilot (6 month)

Lowmoss Coordinator (1 year)

Lowmoss co-pilot (6 month)
Phoenix coordinator (1 year)
Garscube coordinator (1 year)
Garscube Co-pilot (6 month)

Fellowship Development positions available



Outreach Chair

Alt Outreach Co-ordinator                            

Alt Treasurer